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AV installers for medical offices in Middle Tennessee – Murfreesboro, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin

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Audio Visual Installers for healthcare

Audio Video Installation for Medical Offices

We design and implement audio visual solutions for medical offices. Audio visual healthcare installers in Murfreesboro. Medical examinations and presentations communicated through high resolution audio visual devices. Improve your private practice, exam rooms and lobby areas.

JPLIS provides medical audio visual installations throughout Middle Tennessee.

AV Medical Installers in Murfreesboro

Audio Visual for Healthcare

JPLIS designs audio visual systems for healthcare offices across Middle Tennessee. We work with the best brands for audio visual equipment to meet your needs. We install wall-mounted LCDs to delivery vivid imaging for your examination rooms, lab techs, conference rooms and waiting rooms.

Get professional audio equipment installed with clean wiring and a minimalist design. Crisp audio for broadcasting health and safety messages and for creating a relaxing atmosphere for your patients.

Wall mounted monitor installer Murfreesboro
Audio Visual Install Medical Monitor Murfreesboro

Audio Visual Installation for Doctor Offices

We install audio visual equipment for doctor offices. Mounted LCDs to share results from x-rays and other examinations with patients. Medical office displays in Murfreesboro, Nashville and surrounding areas.

Webcam and audio equipment for remote patient care. Video-conferencing for medical professionals with patients that are traveling or with mobility issues.

Our offerings medical offices include but are not limited to the following:

  • Wall-mounted LCDs
  • Commercial mounted webcams
  • Microphones and mounted speakers
  • Structured cabling to deliver content
  • Digital whiteboards

Content Distribution for Medical Staff

With your patient records already neatly organized in you patient management system you can request data when and where you need it. Access records from your office for personal review, in the exam room to review with the patient, observation rooms and billing.

Audio Visual Installers for Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals in Middle Tennessee

Service areas: Murfreesboro, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin

Exam Rooms

Video-conferencing and scan reviews


Mounted displays, content delivery

Private Offices

Personal audio visual devices, cabling

AV Installations for Doctors

We serve healthcare professionals all over Middle Tennessee. Commercial audio visual installers to design and install the right AV solutions for your medical practice.

Audio Visual Dental Office Murfreesboro Nashville
Audio Visual for Healthcare Offices

Professional installers for AV for corporate offices. Deliver stunning presentations and video-conferences in conference rooms.

medical exam scan murfreesboro
Mounted Displays for Patient Monitoring

We install AV equipment for visual aid to assist nurses and lab techs.

Meeting Hall Audio Visual Presentation Nashville
Audio Visual Installations Meeting Halls

We outfit conference rooms and auditoriums with AV solutions for presentations among healthcare personnel. Crystal clear audio and brilliant displays.

Having Issues with the Audio Visual Equipment in Your Medical Office?

Let us know about your existing AV setup and we can offer consultations to troubleshoot or improve upon it.