Medical Clinic Digital Display

Digital Signage for Healthcare

Digital signage is becoming an increasingly popular tool for healthcare providers. With digital signage, hospitals, clinics, and medical centers can easily communicate with their staff, patients, and visitors.

JPLIS provides digital solutions throughout Middle Tennessee. Digital signage installation in Murfreesboro, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and surrounding areas.

Digital Signage in Murfreesboro

Digital Signage for Hospitals

Hospitals are always looking for ways to improve patient experience and make their facilities more accessible. One way that they can do this is by using digital signage. Digital signage allows you to provide information to patients. It’s quick, easy, and cost effective to set up, and it can reach a large audience with greater accuracy of information than traditional printed signage.

Digital signs are also great for engaging patients with informational videos. By providing short, concise videos on important topics, hospitals can provide valuable information without overwhelming patients or taking up too much time. This helps to cut down on waiting room times and overcrowding, while also providing important updates in a timely manner.

Operating Room Digital Display
Nurse Digital Signage for Alerts

Digital Signage for Deskless Positions in Hospitals and Healthcare

Digital signs offer more features for engaging staff by using virtual queuing and automated alerts. This allows nurses access to real time information even when they’re not near their computer screen – perfect for making quick decisions during emergencies.

Digital signs enable faster decision making by streamlining communications between providers and staff members as well as allowing patients or guests access to interactive features like surveys for quality feedback collection. By collecting this data, hospital administrators can improve patient experience in the future.

Enhancing Patient Experience Through Digital Displays

There’s no denying that digital signage has become an important part of the healthcare landscape. From providing essential information to engaging patients, digital signage has many benefits that can be enjoyed by healthcare providers.

One of the most important aspects of patient care is ensuring that they feel informed and engaged with their treatment. Digital signage can help to do this by providing concise information on a variety of topics, from health tips to patient processing to medication instructions. By providing relevant and up-to-date information, patients will know what to expect during processing and from their treatment and will feel confident in following through.


Digital Signage for Healthcare Services in Middle Tennessee

Service areas: Murfreesboro, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin

Waiting Rooms

Deliver helpful content on schedule


Improve customer experience, boost sales

Nurse Stations

Increase productivity

Digital Signage for Various Industries

We serve businesses all over Middle Tennessee. Whatever you do, digital signage can help your business with creative approaches to increasing engagement on premises.

Digital signage Murfreesboro corporate
Corporate Office Digital Signage

Digital signage for lobbies and office spaces. Deliver scheduled content for reception and other public spaces. Display promotional material, news, directions and more.

Digital signage murfreesboro retail
Digital Signage for Retail

Enhance your storefront with digital signage for walk-ins. Customers can receive information on special offers. Show content inside and outside of your store.

Digital signage murfreesboro campus
Digital Signage in the Education Sector

Digital signage for teachers and students. Share information for the campus like events, student resources and scheduling.

Digital signage Murfreesboro Medical Offices
Digital Signage for Healthcare

Digital signage for medical offices. Offer content about promotional material, explainer videos about procedures, safety messaging and live feeds.

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