VoIP For Healthcare Facilities

With the increasing need for reliable communication in medical facilities, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming an essential tool for hospitals and clinics. JPLIS is here to help you get the most out of VoIP. Reap the benefits of implementing VoIP in your treatment facility.

JPL Integrated Solutions designs and implements VoIP solutions for eldercare, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

VoIP Management for Healthcare Facilities

VoIP Automation For Hospitals And Clinics

Hospitals and clinics are often faced with communication challenges. Traditional landlines have less features than a hosted solution and can be more costly. VoIP is a reliable and secure way to communicate that has already changed so many workplaces for the better.

VoIP allows special care facilities and clinics to communicate with patients and other doctors in more ways (automation, multimedia). VoIP phone systems are able to integrate with medical data platforms like  telehealth applications and also provide seamless conferencing for remote patients and staff.  Medical staff can share patient information and collaborate more efficiently.

Automated services like automated reminder systems help ensure that patients always know what is happening in their medical appointments, therapy sessions and prescriptions. In addition, deskless options for staff members allow them to work from any location.

Doctor VoIP Phone Headset
Doctor Using VoIP Headset

Benefits Of VoIP for Healthcare

VoIP phone systems provide an amazing set of features to compliment healthcare applications and procedures.

  • CallID that connects to patient records in real-time.
  • Record calls and teleconferences for your personal records.
  • Advanced call handling. Create menu shortcuts and automations for shorter workflows.
  • Management console for security monitoring and administration from a central location.

Customize Your Call Handling to Suit Your Healthcare Facility

VoIP phone systems are highly customizable and can be scaled based on your operational needs. Add extra phone numbers when needed. Redirect calls and numbers among staff based on shift changes and locations.

Doctor in Office Using VoIP Phone

Having Network Concerns at Your Healthcare Facility?

We provide consultations for hospitals, clinic and other healthcare facilities. With the right planning and equipment we can give you the infrastructure needed for higher performance and reliability.