Using VoIP Text Messaging for Customer Engagement

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Stay ahead of the competition with VoIP text messaging, which allows businesses to communicate with customers in real time. VoIP text messaging can help businesses engage customers in more ways and maintain relationships through branded messaging and automation. 

What is VoIP Text Messaging?

VoIP text messaging enables businesses to communicate with clients over a VoIP phone system at low cost through their existing internet connection. VoIP platforms are packaged with amazing features for call handling, conferencing and texting. The texting functionality, at its most basic, operates just like normal SMS from a PTSN but with VoIP there are a lot more ways to incorporate it into business workflows. 

So why VoIP SMS?

In a recent survey, 68% of participants admitted to spending 3 to 6 hours a day on their smartphone. The majority of those (60%) check their messages within 5 minutes of receiving the alert.

47% of recipients of SMS marketing texts convert from CTAs in those texts. Marketers are catching on this once well kept secret, as SMS marketing has risen 33% since 2020

Most survey respondents showed interest in receiving SMS updates about services and order status.

60% of customers shared that they would like to respond to the SMS messages they receive.

83% of customers want appointment reminders sent to them by text. Ironically, just 20% of businesses send reminders via text.

Besides being convenient, VoIP text messaging also has a number of other advantages over traditional SMS messages. It has a wide range of features that make it an ideal way to communicate with your customers. These features include automated responses, scheduling and message history tracking. Plus, you can easily monitor customer engagement and gauge customer satisfaction by integrating the platform with your CRM and lead tracking workflows.

Another great benefit of VoIP text messaging is its integration into other services such videoconferencing. This means that you can easily send messages across multiple platforms without any additional software or hardware requirements. Plus, it’s easy to keep your customers updated on important announcements or events by using this platform in conjunction with your existing communications channels.

How to Use VoIP Text Messaging to Increase Customer Engagement

Text messaging is an easy way to automate customer service tasks. For example, you could automatically send a response to a customer’s inquiry when they send you a message via text. If your company has an existing knowledge base then customers can receive links to content related to their concerns. This would save you time and resources, while still providing quality customer service. 

Helping customers with queries about products or services that they recently purchased or plan to purchase in the near future is an important part of the customer journey, as good support improves customer satisfaction.

Tracking interactions with customers from text messages is important in order to better understand how they react to the company’s offers. Perhaps the sales copy wasn’t clear on certain details or they expect a specific feature. Recording and addressing where they ran into a problem can help with improving sales offers in the future for better customer journeys. 

SMS Automation with VoIP

VoIP SMS Marketing

VoIP Text messaging with automation which makes a great tool for marketing. By sending automated messages to existing customers about updates to items they’ve purchased, you can work on getting more conversions from the same list of contacts. Surveyed ecommerce businesses report 33% of SMS recipients respond in some way to their SMS marketing messages, with 47% of them converting.

VoIP for Customer Support

Automation of text messaging for customer support makes it easy to cut time off of problem resolution for customer inquiries. By configuring auto-responders, you can address the most frequently asked questions which don’t require live customer assistance. Automation at this level might rely on pointing customers to specific parts of the knowledge base or pages within their own profile.

Texting automation can be a huge help to organizations that are under-staffed in the customer support area or are experiencing higher than usual support requests. By leveraging the capabilities of your VoIP phone system you can maintain a high level of customer support even in those high volume times.

By planning out communication channels that can read into basic queries and connecting the customer with the right resources immediately they get a personalized experience that fosters longer stays on their customer journey with that organization. 

Not every resolution can be automated of course. To add to that, incoming customer requests do not always fit into the scheduling of internal staff and processes but that doesn’t mean that their needs are any less important. The good thing is that consumers that favor two-way texting for customer support also say they don’t mind waiting for a response. Knowing that they can text back to the business to maintain the communication was the most important factor.

Make the Most of VoIP Text Messaging Campaigns

Integrate VoIP text messaging into your existing communication channels. This means that you should use it alongside other forms of communication rather than replacing them completely. Phone and email support are still important forms of communication but require attending staff. Automated SMS can be integrated into many CRM platforms for alerts. Send reminders about billing and appointments or provide access to a Q&A feature.  

Focus on quality customer service when utilizing VoIP for texting. Make sure that messages are personalized and relevant to each individual customer rather than generic or automated content. This will help build trust and loyalty with your customers while also providing them with quality information quickly and efficiently.

Start Texting with VoIP for Better Customer Service

VoIP Text Messaging is a powerful communication tool that can help businesses engage customers in more ways to  increase satisfaction. By leveraging its automated features, businesses can make the most of this tool to improve their customer service. With the right strategies in place, VoIP texting can be an invaluable tool for engaging customers and increasing customer satisfaction.

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