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Structured Cabling Services

Structured cabling is the network cable system designed to support your business operations, applications, high-speed internet connectivity, video conferencing and alarm-monitoring.

JPLIS can improve your entire network with the right cabling infrastructure. We are the right structured cabling company for you. Read on to find out why.

Structured Cabling Services for Businesses

We are dedicated to providing high-quality services for all types of structured cabling systems and network infrastructure needs. 

Whether you need new cabling installed or an existing system repaired or updated, we have the expertise and experience necessary to get the job done right. 

With decades of combined experience, our team of highly trained engineers can design and install custom solutions tailored to your exact needs.

We offer support throughout middle Tennessee, helping businesses and data centers in Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville and the surrounding area. Any issues with your network infrastructure and we can resolve them without disrupting your operations.

Structured Cabling Done Right – Cabling Contractors

Structured cabling solutions offer an organized approach to managing multiple IT equipment deployed within an organization. It is the perfect choice for businesses that use many different types of devices or technology systems simultaneously.

JPL Integrated Solutions works with many different sectors to deliver superior cabling. We work with commercial offices, retailers, food trucks, healthcare facilities and hospitality centers. Voice and data cabling can expand your business in amazing ways.


More Flexibility

Structured cabling can grow effortlessly with expansions to your business. By facilitating your business with enhanced performance, this translationally leads to smooth project implementations in your organization.

Not only does it reduce installation time for new equipment, but also raises flexibility to organizational changes like increasing workspaces, expanding customer areas or just adding more devices for deskless employees.

Cost Effective

Structured data cabling is an economical choice for ensuring your business operates continuously and efficiently. This highly adjustable system is designed to effortlessly manage the large number of devices and volumes of data transfer you require.

Improve stability while driving business growth objectives. A rock solid cabling infrastructure is less prone to integrity issues which can cause network interruptions and unscheduled downtime. Cut down on service calls with preemptive network improvements.

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Stay Connected At All Times

Like every business, staying connected is absolutely critical. Fast and reliable communication and secure access control for day-to-day operations, making strategic business decisions less hectic.

Structured Cabling Services for Better Productivity in the Workplace

With structured cabling, your organization will be more organized and efficient. Troubleshoot connectivity issues while reducing downtime significantly. With complex wiring infrastructures, you may spend hours looking for the one problem cable that is causing an issue. With structured cabling this task becomes much easier.

Downtime can have a severe effect on workplace productivity and consequently your bottom line. Structured cabling, however, quickly resolves network issues to minimize disruptions, getting employees back up-and-running in no time. Professional cabling contractors like the JPLIS team is here to do just that.

Structured Cabling Installation in Tennessee

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Why Use JPLIS for Structured Cabling Installations

Structured cabling is the backbone of any business or organization, delivering fast and reliable communication no matter how large or small the company is. Below are just a few of the key benefits of using a professional structured cabling service:

  • High-speed internet connectivity: Whether you are running your business online or using cloud-based applications, having fast and reliable internet access is crucial.
  • Video conferencing and telepresence capabilities: Need to connect with colleagues, clients, or customers around the world? A high-quality cabling service can provide seamless video conferencing solutions. Empower your remote sales team.
  • Less Downtime: When your network infrastructure is not working as it should, this can significantly impact your business operations. By partnering with a structured cabling service provider, you can ensure that any issues are quickly resolved so that you can stay connected at all times.
  • Reliable: Since structured cabling relies on cable and not wireless technology, they are much safer to use. This makes them ideal for businesses that handle sensitive data or operate in a highly regulated industry.
  • Cost-effective: When compared to other types of network infrastructure, structured cabling systems are typically more cost-effective and efficient. They allow you to maximize your technology investments while also saving time, money, and resources.

Network Cabling Services

  • Conference Rooms
  • Business Operations
  • Digital Signage
  • On-Site Marketing
  • Access Control Systems

The Future of Business Networks & Cabling Systems

As your business grows make sure that your data network grows with it. It all begins with a stable network backbone.

Plan for future growth with network cabling

As technology advanced and digital communications became more widespread, the need for improved networks and cabling systems grew. Today, we have seen widespread adoption of fiber optic cables, Ethernet connectivity, and other cutting-edge technologies, and we are continuing to see rapid advancements in this field.

Structured cabling is here to stay

Looking to the future, it’s likely that network cabling systems will continue to evolve and be at the forefront of new developments in technology. Whether it’s increasing bandwidth needs, improved security measures, or emerging applications such as 5G networking, professional structured cabling services will be a critical component of successful businesses and organizations.

Implementing a Structured Cabling System For Your Business

If you are considering implementing a structured cabling system for your business, there are several important factors to consider.

  • Most modern businesses will require fiber optic cabling due to the high speeds and bandwidth requirements of next-generation applications.
  • While network infrastructure can be expensive, working with a professional service provider can help to keep costs down by offering competitive pricing and using quality materials that last longer than consumer-grade products.
  • Depending on your specific needs, you may also need additional accessories such as wall plates, switches, patch panels, and more in order to fully realize the benefits of your new structured cabling system.

Having Network Issues in Your Business?

The key to success when implementing a structured cabling project for your business is working with a team of experts who have experience in this field and can help you make the best decisions for your specific needs. With the right planning and guidance, you can be confident that your network infrastructure will deliver high performance and reliability now and well into the future. Ask about our other services as well.