IT Solutions for Healthcare

The healthcare industry uses advanced technology to keep up with staff and patient needs. With the right IT infrastructure in place your facilities can benefit in all areas. JPL Integrated Solutions can improve your data, phone, security and messaging.

We design and implement IT solutions for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities.

IT Management for Healthcare Facilities

Audio Visual Solutions for Healthcare

JPLIS offers premium audio visual installation services, providing clients with the latest in audio visual equipment such as wall-mounted LCDs, commercial webcams, microphones, speakers, cabling, and digital whiteboards. Our services are used to improve elder care facilities, medical examination rooms, lobbies, lab techs, conference rooms, and waiting room experiences, as well as enable remote patient care.

Hospital Technology in Healthcare
Doctor researching with Digital Signage

Digital Signage for Healthcare

JPLIS provides digital solutions that can be used to improve communication and patient experience with the installation of digital signage. These signs can provide relevant information, videos, alert staff and help make waiting rooms more comfortable. Digital signage can help to improve patient experience and communication, making it a popular tool for healthcare providers.

Access Control for Healthcare Facilities

JPL Integrated Solutions works with SALTO to bring some of the best smart technology to healthcare facilities. SALTO Systems makes revolutionary access control systems with data-on-card technology for keyless entry. We install SALTO devices for doors, lockers, cabinets, carts and special medical equipment. Simplified security and access management.

Hospital Staff Access Control
VoIP Hospital Staff

VoIP for Healthcare Facilities

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a cost-saving technology that greatly improves phone communication for hospitals and clinics. The integration with multiple platforms for patient data and telehealth applications makes it easier to share patient information. VoIP also increases patient satisfaction through automated reminder systems and improved collaboration between doctors and other healthcare professionals.

VoIP provides improved call quality, with minimal latency and interruptions, allowing for better communication between health care providers, vendors and patients. Automated voicemail notifications ensure that health care providers are made aware of messages for their patients in a timely fashion. VoIP is a beneficial tool for contemporary health care, providing both practical and logistical advantages.

Network Infrastructure Installation and Upgrading For Healthcare

JPLIS provides network infrastructure installation and network upgrading services for healthcare settings. This includes the installation of additional data drops, secure Wi-Fi connectivity, and wireless access points. The cabling system should be designed with security and reliability in mind, while taking advantage of structured cabling systems to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

Wi-Fi for Healthcare

The benefits of improved Wi-Fi in healthcare settings include connectivity for deskless employees, greater maneuverability of devices and improved patient service. Best practices for securing and reliable access points, as well as strategies for efficient troubleshooting, are also discussed.

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Having Network Concerns at Your Healthcare Facility?

We provide consultations for hospitals, clinic and other healthcare facilities. With the right planning and equipment we can give you the infrastructure needed for higher performance and reliability.