SALTO Systems

JPL Integrated Solutions works with SALTO to bring some of the best smart technology to Nashville and Murfreesboro. SALTO Systems makes revolutionary access control systems with data-on-card technology for keyless entry.

JPLIS provides keyless entry commercial lock installation throughout Middle Tennessee.

SALTO Keyless Access in Nashville

SALTO Secure Entry solutions for Healthcare

SALTO is widely recognized as a global market leader in smart electronic access control solutions for the healthcare industry. Secure access for healthcare facilities comes with unique challenges. There is 24/7 access for a constantly changing user base, back-of-house and staff-only areas that need tight control to protect patients, staff, volunteers, visitors as well as suppliers.

All of these have different security and accessibility needs. We install SALTO devices for doors, lockers, cabinets, carts and special medical equipment. Simplified security and access management on a single platform.

Salto Keyless Entry Provided by JPL Integrated Solutions in Nashville
Salto Keyless Access Commercial Nashville

SALTO Keyless Access for Commercial Buildings

Access control systems that work down to an individual level. Manage access to buildings, offices, storage rooms and lockers. Improved safety and security for staff and visitors.

  • Physical keys are easily lost or copied and expensive to replace. Smart access is safer, more secure and simpler to manage.
  • Manage what areas users have access to and when.
  • You can protect against theft, vandalism, sabotage or industrial espionage. Get alerts when sensitive areas are breached or accessed outside of their access work hours.
  • A cost-effective solution to avoid extra cabling infrastructure.
  • Adjust access permissions and schedules; revoke terminated employees or tenants immediately.

Security Access Control for Hospitality

SALTO and JPLIS help property owners and managers in Nashville and Middle Tennessee with new ways to secure guests, manage staff, and protect assets. Provide easy-access, digital key and smart guest rooms, with unified property management systems that protect individuals and assets. Serving every hospitality business, from luxury to midscale hotels, independent to large chain, convention centers and conference hotels. Electronic access control solutions ranging from employee-access organization to guest room management.  

  • Smart, keyless, and digital access for guests and staff. Easy check-in/check-out.
  • Provide seamless access to entrances, perimeter access doors, elevators, gyms, business area, parking and more.
  • Integrates with in-room, check-ins, PMS, guest apps and complete building management systems.
Retail Store Keyless Access Salto - Nashville JPLIS

SALTO Keyless Access for Retail Store Security

We help retail businesses simplify their access management workflow to increase security, and operations efficiency. Lower security costs and optimize processes for shared, single, and multiple locations for all types of retail environments around Nashville. Perfect for boutiques, big-box stores, owner-operated restaurants, fast-food chains, banks or financial services outlets.

Managers can get a full night’s sleep without having to drive to a location to assist with entry. SALTO makes access control simple and secure. Gant specific access for your staff, suppliers, customers or even delivery services.

Security Access Control for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Security within schools with monitored secure access. You can provide a secure but welcoming environment for students and teachers. With safety within schools being such a hot topic in recent years it is important to address these concerns to reassure faculty, parents and students alike. Control and monitor access to buildings, classrooms, libraries, labs, staff rooms, sports and cultural facilities, and cafeterias.

  • Minimal installation and fits any door.
  • Initiate emergency lockdowns.
  • Smart access, smartphone and students smart card compatibility. No more lost keys.
Keyless Access for Schools in Nashville

JPLIS works with SALTO to Deliver Secure Keyless Access to Professionals in Nashville

Service areas: Murfreesboro, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin


Buildings, staff areas, store rooms


Emergency lockdowns; lockers, classrooms


Operating theaters, patient rooms, storage

Secure Keyless Access for a Safer Nashville

We serve commercial spaces all over Middle Tennessee. Business owners, school administrators, healthcare admins hotel managers can contact us to schedule an appointment.

Keyless Access Commercial Smart Locks Nashville
SALTO Commercial Smart Locks for Doors

Secure offices and classrooms with commercial smart locks. Monitor access from a central dashboard and change user access on the fly. You control where and when personnel can access resources.

Commercial Smart locks for Lockers
SALTO Commercial Keyless Locks for Lockers

Smart locks for personal spaces. Give staff the ease and security of using smart locks on their lockers. Update access when new employees arrive.

Tired of paying high rates to replace lost keys? Sick of long drives just to open for employees?

Let JPL Integrated Solutions help you secure your building with commercial smart locks.